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Bylaws for Gathering Midtown Church

Our Bylaws

What are the goals of these bylaws?

I hope we never have to use them. It’s a bad day when you have to pull out the bylaws and slap them on the table. Our aim is to create and maintain a healthy and growing church, culture, and team of leaders who are focused on the mission God has given our church. The bylaws exist to provide clarity for all of our health, specifically in times where tough decisions need to be made. As one of our consultants said to us in this process, “bylaws should reflect the relational reality you already have, not dictate it.”

What is the Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team is made up of a group of volunteer leaders in the church, along with key pastors, who together oversee the big picture and keep things on the up and up.

Paul warns us not to rush to lay hands on people (1 Timothy 5:22). In other words, don’t get in a hurry to appoint spiritual leaders! We’ve heeded that advice and have slowly been building this team over the years. This January (2021) we were overjoyed to, for the first time in our church's history, expand our leadership team to a total of 9 members. Moving forward, each Fall, as team members roll off because of term expirations, the congregation will nominate people to consider and interview for the vacancies of the Leadership Team. Over time, we think this will become a healthy way for the congregation to have a significant voice, influence, and insight into the oversight of our church.

The majority of people on the Leadership Team will be from the congregation, meaning non-paid employees of the church. In church leadership, there is always a tension to maintain, and that is the tension between the “called” and ordained clergy, and representative leaders from the congregation. Some denominations fall on either extreme. We feel and believe that a "middle way" is the best route to travel. We're so excited about creating an even greater culture of mutual discernment and partnership with this model.

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